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2023 - Jubilee Essay Contest

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2023 - Jubilee 75th Edition Essay Contest Rules

Please fill out required fields and upload attachments to the system. Please review program rules before submission (download pdf.) Essays must be submitted using this web based form. Essays may be submitted by a chapter representative or by the author directly.

Special 2023 Jubilee Edition! This special edition celebrates the 75th anniversary of ASMC.

Authors may choose to write on any one of four current topics:

·        How has being an ASMC member benefitted you, either personally, or in your career?  

·        What are some of the most significant changes that ASMC has made since you’ve been a member? Which one added the most value to ASMC members? 

·        How does ASMC specifically benefit Early Careerists? Feel free to include real-life examples. 

·       2023 is ASMC’s 75th anniversary. What changes in the organization would you like to see over the next several years? How would such changes benefit ASMC and its members?